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Distributor Alas-Kuul AS uses Universal Connector & WeldCloud Productivity app to provide value-added customer service

Weldcloud Productivity

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    Remote monitoring keeps Alas-Kuul connected at all times

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    Arc-on time data proves premium wire and consumables provide better ROI

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    Alas-Kuul keeps six Universal Connectors in stock, available for rental

Weld 10% Faster

“Premium filler and consumables help Exmet earn more money,” says Alas-Kuul welding technician Andrei Tšekatovski. When Exmet tried to use other wires at higher parameters (within Weld Procedure Specifications), arc instability and spatter increased. As a result, they had to slow down. Tšekatovski showed Exmet how OK Aristorod 12.50 would enable them to increase speed by 10% because it provides a very stable arc at high welding currents with extremely low levels of spatter.

Data-Driven Decision Making

“Determining the cost of products is important, but it’s not everything,” says Metsmaker. “With WeldCloud, we can clarify how much time is spent welding and more importantly, how much time is spent not welding due to production interruptions.”
Tšekatovski explains that without WeldCloud, “Production managers think that if they don’t have enough finished product at the end of the shift, it is the welders’ fault and they need to weld faster. When they connect to WeldCloud, they see that the welders are performing at their best. Together, we can determine the real reasons production goals are not met, such as part flow, logistics and excess grinding.”

Protective Equipment Monitoring

During the Universal Connector evaluation period, Alas-Kuul demonstrated how WeldCloud enabled them to remotely monitor equipment status, a huge benefit during COVID-19 that also reduces travel time. “I would analyze the data to be sure equipment was operating correctly and if it needed maintenance,” says Tšekatovski. “With data, Alas-Kuul can offer better solutions and take specific actions.”

Easy Deployment

Installing a Universal Connector and connecting it to the WeldCloud app takes less than 30 minutes. All that is required is a strong WiFi signal within the plant (a technician can test signal strength and install additional routers if necessary). “WeldCloud was not complicated for me,” says Tšekatovski. “If you are interested in learning how it works, it is pretty easy.”