Unlock Your Shop’s True Potential

InduSuite revolutionizes your shop's fabrication workflow with real-time insights across your entire fleet. It's the universal collection of welding and cutting software applications that connects data, machinery, and processes to optimize performance and unlock your shop's true potential.

One platform to transform your entire operation

InduSuite helps you take your production to the next level by completely optimizing your workflows. Our collection of software applications is compatible with all major welding, cutting, and robotics systems - from a single operation to multiple locations - for the best fabrication and performance results.

Simple access to all data and welding documents with an easy-to-use interface.
Real-time insights on performance and traceability for workforce accountability.
The ultimate control to make strategic decisions that will optimize your shop's productivity.

Apps across the entire welding and cutting process

InduSuite is the only collection of apps of its kind, created to maximize productivity, ensure consistent quality, minimize downtime, improve traceability, and so much more. No matter your welding and cutting needs, taking total control over your operations with one platform has never been easier.

Optimize plate usage through automated CAD/CAM programming and nesting with ERP integration.
Record, analyze, and control your cutting performance with real-time data through the cloud.
Reduce your industrial robot's production downtime and maximize its ROI by programming your next job in a virtual, offline environment.
WeldCloud Fleet
Manage your entire fleet from any location with cloud-based job control, service logs, and performance insight.
WeldCloud Notes
Automate documentation and reporting to maintain compliance, manage weld procedures, and save time.
WeldCloud Productivity
Analyze productivity, track consumption, and trace your welding processes.
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Sparking success

All types of fabrication operations worldwide have used InduSuite products to revolutionize their workflows. Find customer success stories for sites like yours to see how you can take total control of your operation in one place.

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