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Petchem giant uses WeldCloud Notes to generate weld data book in minutes

WeldCloud Notes

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    WeldCloud Notes compiles documents required to monitor and trace welds.

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    WeldCloud Notes frees thousands of hours for value-added tasks.ValueAddedTasks

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    Optimized through better project management, eliminates mistakes.


BRASKEM'S Global Welding Leader directed the implementation of WeldCloud Notes to monitor operations of its subcontractors, which was not possibele beforehand. The pilot project for replacement of parts on a pyrolysis furnace during a scheduled maintenance shutdown proved its value. Two subcontractors were initislly scheduled to make 107 welds. The reality of working in the field required modifications that led The WeldCloud Notes sketch design function makes it easy to documant new joints when unanticipated design changes occur to a total of 297 welds completed and documented. By using WeldCloud Notes, Braskem and its subcontractors*can: Identify which joints might require extra effort. Develop more accurate repair schedules. Calculate costs more accurately. * To manitain intellectual property, information from one contractor cannot be seen by another contractor.


WeldCloud Notes provides project managers with dashboards to monitor four states of weld production: fit-up, welded, tested and processed. They can instantly identify the status from any location (e.g., no need for field reports), quickly identify bottlenecks and deploy resources to remove them. It also improves productivity because managers can accurately communicate weld procedure and accurately communicate weld procedure and non-destructive testing(NDT) methods and documents to field teams.


WeldCloud Notes identified every weld seam and all associated data, which makes it fast and easy to demonstrate compliance and speed traceability in the event of the event of a weld failure. WeldCloud Notes also generates a specific document for the brazilian industry called the IEIS (Instruction for Welding Execution and Inspection) that combines the WPS with NDT and other data.