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WeldCloud Productivity helps leading Axle supplier ADR group gain 500 hours of productivity per month at Poland facility

WeldCloud Productivity

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    Analytic functions enable quick identification of productivity bottlenecks

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    Non-value added time reduced to average of 26 minutes per shift, per station

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    WeldCloud confirms investment in welding equipment


By identifying and eliminating waste, ADR gained an additional 500 hours of productivity per month.

Most welding stations at ADR Polska feature a robotic welding cell with an operator that manually loads parts into a jig, makes some of the welds and loads/unloads the robot.

We talked to the operators to identify the root cause,” says Paolo Morandi, Manufacturing Engineer, ADR. “We tell the welders that WeldCloud supports them and is not against them. If the productivity is not there, it means we need to improve our production planning, material preparation and part flow, equip each station with better jigs and provide more tools, such as for cleaning.”.


“Thanks to WeldCloud, I can monitor the work of each welding station on a daily basis,” says Jacek Nowacki, Production Director at ADR Polska. “I can also control the non-value added time after the shift starts, before the shift ends and around break. Through analytics, we were able to significantly improve overall equipment efficiency in the welding department.”


WeldCloud is easy to deploy from a technical perspective because the Aristo Mig units connect to the plant’s WiFi system. ESAB provided an on-site firmware updated on the Aristo Mig inverters and also trained ADR’s IT personnel on how to remotely connect with their laptops. Due to COVID, Nowacki started in his role without in-person training on how to use the WeldCloud Productivity application. After a brief tutorial, he found the application intuitive and was quickly able to obtain all the benefits.


ADR invested in high-performance, high-productivity Aristo Mig power sources and wire feed systems, as well as premium OK Autrod 12.51 welding wire.

“WeldCloud helps us optimize our investment by opening the door behind each welding cell. With greater visibility, we can gain the full productivity benefits of our equipment,” says Radrizzani. As a next step, he says ADR will unlock more efficiency by using the weld parameter documentation and part traceability functions of WeldCloud